This is About 13 Preferred Poly Matchmaking Conditions

This is About 13 Preferred Poly Matchmaking Conditions

If you are a new comer to polyamory – whether you are just curious about non-monogamy otherwise you will be in fact in your basic poly dating – you will probably find there is a whole new group of language terms and conditions discover familiar with. Such as, you iliar with several common varying relationship terms – f*ck friend, FWB, cohabitation, wife, LDR, etc. – however, less very with more certain terms particularly “compersion,” “metamour,” and “nesting spouse.” Furthermore, the methods in which we talk about polyamory are constantly growing and may even imply something different inside different organizations.

“You will need to understand what style of polyamory some one was doing since there are different ways to take action – hierarchical or perhaps not, discover otherwise finalized, dining table or parallel, and the like,” Leanne Yau, a polyamorous posts creator, educator, and you may sex-positive suggest, says to Bustle. “Polyamorous people love to speak using specific language so folks are on the same webpage.”

Because there are a number of poly matchmaking models, plus terms which can be regularly establish otherwise cam on the polyamory, it’s beneficial to begin with probably the most frequently employed of them. Very, if you’re happy to explore low-monogamy, or you are staying mono for the moment but may use particular translations getting while you are doing your poly relatives, listed below are 13 polyamory terms to truly get you been.

1. Moral Non-Monogamy

The technique of stepping into numerous sexual otherwise personal relationships concurrently, for the concur and experience in every people, is named ethical low-monogamy – as opposed to shady low-monogamy, aka cheating. A keen umbrella identity you to definitely surrounds polyamory, unlock relationship, swinging, unicamente poly, matchmaking anarchy, and you will poly-fi relationships, ENM is often known as “consensual” otherwise “responsible” non-monogamy. Sexologist Carol Queen suggests The fresh Ethical Whore because of the Dossie Easton and you may Otvaranje linija za internetske web stranice za upoznavanje Еѕena Janet Hardy once the a primer to begin with exploring the design.

dos. Polyamory (Poly)

Eg ENM, poly and makes reference to the practice of stepping into multiple intimate dating while doing so with the concur and you can experience in the people. Poly form “of numerous,” and you can amory function “like,” which may or may well not were sexual hobby. “Which label comes with started to signify a community that coheres as much as those who practice poly practices,” states Queen, and will help individuals “get guidance and support and you can recommendations” while they navigate poly groups.

There are different ways to construction poly dating, such as for example hierarchical versus low-hierarchical, open in the place of closed, or solamente poly rather than a “dating escalator”-centered strategy.

step three. Fluid-Connection

Choosing to maybe not explore barrier security throughout the sex having a partner, constantly having a contract throughout the secure sex with other people (preferably just after appropriate STI testing), is named fluid-bonding. “Including securing worry about and you can people regarding STIs, from inside the a poly framework, fluid-connecting can be a decision you to demarcates linked relationship of a great deal more casual of those,” explains King. You can water-bond with well over someone in poly matchmaking, however when you are looking at coverage and analysis, it could need a little extra correspondence between for every companion.

4. Monogamish

When you find yourself “monogamish,” a phrase attributed to sex columnist Dan Savage, this means you and your partner have decided that even though you usually do not always identify because poly, you aren’t 100% signed to other couples, possibly. It helps define the new grey part of are together without strictly adhering to monogamy. King relates to it as “an unbarred relationship variation . a mostly-monogamous dating that is flexible sufficient to recognize periodic use other people, or an excellent ‘pass’ an individual continues travel.” It could be a sensible way to drop your toe in non-monogamy while curious.

5. Metamour

What is a metamour, you can query? This one is simple. From inside the a great poly dating, a great metamour are “the partner’s other partner who you really are maybe not matchmaking,” Yau states. Regardless if you know otherwise are in contact with one to body’s to the newest limits you and your partner introduce together.

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