St. Paul’s Preschool

St. Paul’s Lutheran Early Childhood Center was established over a decade ago at 1500 North 16th Street. This location is separate from our church because St. Paul’s purchased what was once Trinity Lutheran School in order to transition the ministry into the present Early Childhood Center. Today we operate a full scale Early Childhood Center serving infants through 5 year olds,

Students take a trip to Bethany Lutheran Home in order to sing for residents and go on an Easter Egg Hunt!

Early Childhood education is important in our day and an opportunity for Christians to show the love and mercy of Christ through the teaching and care of the youngest among us. Our staff strives to offer the best of Christian education in a Christ-Center environment for our students and families. Our pastoral staff and music conservatory offer wonderful enrichment to our center through regular music classes and chapel times weekly.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in learning more about SPLECC, go to or contact our center at 712-322-3294.

In chapel each student gets to page through their own bibles and find the account for the day.