Service Teams

St. Paul’s Service League

“What shall I render to the Lord, for all His benefits to me?”  Psalm 116:12

Desiring to rally St. Paul’s congregation together for service in our Church and Community, St. Paul’s Council oversees a “Service League.”  This “League” of parishioners and friends of St. Paul’s seeks to be the “worker bees” for all things that need to get done through our congregational ministry.

Teams within St. Paul’s Service League are formed annually, created on a volunteer basis, and managed by an individual or group from St. Paul’s Council.  Each year team members have the opportunity to remain on a specific team or go off of a specific team.  Teams can be of any size.  The more the merrier!

Are you interested in serving at St. Paul’s? Below are several ways to get involved.

The Altar and Chancel Team (Elders):  All things relating to communion, flowers, banners, etc.  Set up schedules for altar attendants, and those assisting in any way.  Order communion wine, wafers, flower schedule oversight.  Maintains a clean, tidy and dusted chancel and sacristy. 

Hospitality Team (Missions):  Oversees all food preparation and hospitality provided by St. Paul’s that incorporates food service.  Also aware of tablecloths, place settings, kitchen, keeping stocked pantry, coffee room.  Has a good working knowledge of chairs and tables their storage and usage. 

Music Team (Pastors and Director of Music):  Works together with the pastors and director of music in relation to maximizing the talents of St. Paul’s members and friends as it relates to music not only in the worship life of the congregation but also in day to day ministry opportunities. 

SPLECC Team (Director and Board Chair):  Works together closely with the SPLECC Director and Board Chair in service to SPLECC.  Maintains a regular schedule of cleaning and offering voluntary support. 

SPMC Team (Administrator and Board Chair):  Works together closely with the SPMC Administrator and Board Chair in service to SPMC.  Especially is present for and supportive of all recitals and events sponsored by SPMC. 

Property and Grounds Team (Trustees):  Maintains a weekly schedule of cleaning, upkeep, maintenance or awareness of the properties owned and managed by St. Paul’s, including 239 Frank Street, 170 Nicholas Street and 1500 North 16th Street. 

Ushers/Security Team (Elders):  Keeps a regular schedule of all ushers for the proper order and direction given for all services at St. Paul’s as well as providing proper security. 

Cleaning Team (Trustees):  Keeps a regular schedule of general cleaning inside the church, focusing on areas that are not included in regular janitorial work nor part of another team’s responsibility.

Community Service Team (Missions):  Leads a regular schedule of community service from St. Paul’s.  Is the congregational contact for community initiatives such as 40 Days for Life, LifeChain and ServeFest.  

Teachers Team (Education):  Provides teachers, class scheduling and a systematic cleaning and upkeeping of all classrooms and items in need of replenishment.   

Membercare Team (Elders):  Makes visits to members, aids Pastors and Elders in remaining connected to St. Paul’s membership, especially where there is sickness or need.