What to expect

When you come to worship with us for the first time, you can expect to use the hymnal, stand, sit, listen, follow along with us and sing the hymns! Our congregation prizes the hymnody of the Church. Hymns are sung confessions of the faith and through them, we have the opportunity to learn, grow and unify in our understanding and confession of God’s Word.

Children’s Choir students rehearse from the LSB hymnal during a Wednesday night practice.

We follow a “hymns of the season” strategy at St. Paul’s where a specific hymn is sung at each service throughout the entire season. Having ample time to spend with each hymn, we learn the text, who wrote it, when and where it was written and its background. As we have more time with each hymn, we find that we come to love them and claim them as our own.

St. Paul’s font and altar.

St. Paul’s also follows the historic practice of close(d) communion. We ask that our visitors speak with the pastors before they communion with us for the first time. If you are in Christian Doctrine Class with us or are visiting from another Christian tradition, feel free to come to the rail and cross your arms in front of you. This will indicate to our pastor that you are at the rail in order to receive a blessing.

Between church services we have a vibrant Adult Bible Class and Sunday School hour. We begin in the fellowship hall directly beneath the sanctuary. Come and join us!