40 Days for Life

St. Paul’s is an active congregation in preaching and teaching God’s gift of life. Our pastors have been involved in pro-life work for years. Whether speaking at events, leading groups in prayer, visiting the capitol, participating in LifeChain or 40 Days for Life, they help provide pastoral leadership in these important areas of service and witness.

St. Paul’s members are very active in this area too. Through St. Paul’s Christ Academy, we have entertained many speakers over the years from life affirming groups such Lutheran Family Services of Iowa , Lutherans for Life, Sancta Familia Medical Clinic, Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research, The Thomas More Society and more. Many of our members hold leadership positions within our community for the sake of life.

We are proud of our synod’s stance and approach to Life Ministry. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved is supporting the message of God’s gift of life in our congregation, let us know!

St. Paul’s members and friends stand on Broadway in front of our sister congregation Timothy Lutheran Church at the annaul LifeChain.