St. Paul’s Music Conservatory

St. Paul’s Music Conservatory is a parish-based music conservatory located within the walls of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. The mission of our music conservatory is to raise up the next generation of musicians for the Church and community.

Piano teacher, Tina Sherrill, is pictured here with one of her students family members. St. Paul’s has four professional music studios along with other spaces for practice and performance.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church established the Conservatory in 2009 specifically for the development of church musicians and as an outreach to the community. Once proficient on their instruments, students at SPMC are intentionally placed in positions of performance for their own development and as a service to others. Conservatory students regularly share their music throughout the broader community, especially in area churches.

Dr. J Christensen, organ instructor at SPMC, is pictured here with nine of his organ students after a student recital. Dr. C’s studio through SPMC has helped support and encourage organ instruction all throughout the greater Omaha/Council Bluffs area.

One way of raising up more musicians for the Church and community is to establish similar parish-based music conservatories across the United States and in the foreign mission field. Our music conservatory leadership is engaged in this activity through the establishment of a corporation called, “David’s Harp: A Center for Musical Development.” This entity is working with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in order to produce resources, plant music based missions and establish networks the churches, schools and missions of our church body. One resource that we are very excited about is our “Hymns of the Season” Series.

Carter Rossbund, student at SPMC, shows off his first Hymns of the Season piano book called, “Jesus, Ground of Faith.” These books divide 9 hymns into 4 settings each. Each hymn is set at level 1-4 for the developing musician providing a great path toward integration into worship and practical use.

If you are interested in learning more about SPMC, please contact the church office or talk to one of our pastors or a SPMC Board Member. If you are interested in learning more about establishing a music conservatory in your ministry context please call for more information as well. 712-322-4729.