Special Announcement for May 3rd, 2020!

Dear Christian Friends!

We were happy to hear that our state has opened the opportunity for corporate worship to us beginning this Sunday, May 3rd.  While we are eager to return to the “House of the Lord” we want to do so with appropriate standards in place.

First of all, we want to strongly encourage all members to take our governor’s direction seriously as stated in her proclamation from Monday, April 27th saying, “I strongly encourage all vulnerable Iowans, including those with preexisting medical conditions and those older than 65, in all counties of the state to continue to limit their activities outside of their home, including their visits to businesses and other establishments and their participation in gatherings of any size and any purpose.”   

Second, we have been greatly blessed by the opportunity to live stream our services during this time.  We will continue to live stream our services each week into the future.  This week our live streamed service will be at 8:00a.m.  If you in anyway, feel uncomfortable with going out at this time, we encourage you to continue to view our services online and stay home.

Third, during this time of transitioning back into the corporate setting, we are establishing many measures that are suggested for settings such as corporate worship.  These measures include but are not limited to social distancing and good sanitary practices:

  1. When you arrive at church an usher will meet you, either at the main doors or side door.
  2. The usher will then direct you to your specific seat and answer any questions you may have.The seating plan will include social distancing.  Every other pew will be used.  Families may sit together in a pew.  Those not of the same family need to keep 6 feet apart and can be on different ends of the same pew. 

3.     The offering will be placed in the narthex of the church.  You can place your offering on your way out.   
4.     Communion will be offered.  In accordance with the recommendations from the state we will offer communion “…in a manner to minimize close interaction.”  We will follow a continuous line for the Lord’s Supper and serve at the base of the chancel steps.  The usher will invite you forward, keeping the correct social distance from others. 
5.     After the service has ended the pastors will exit directly to the sacristy.  The ushers will excuse congregants pew by pew. 
6.     Bible Class and Sunday School will not resume at this time because our ability to keep appropriate levels of distance between each other is not possible. 

While this practice will seem awkward to us, it will be a blessing to be in the House of the Lord together, hearing His word and receiving His gifts!  We will continue to patiently bear through this time without fear, trusting that God will provide for us in His own right way.  Each time we receive new information we will attempt to make appropriate modifications to our plan and let you know as soon as possible!

God’s peace and blessings to you!
St. Paul’s Pastors and Elders


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